The Exquisite Secret Vintage Wedding Fair

The Fair all started out as a crazy little, wonderful idea back in 2013, having hosted secret tea parties for some time I wondered, ‘what if, just what if’ I could host a wedding fair at a secret venue? That could be fun.

Would anyone get it though? Would anyone want to exhibit? Most importantly would anyone come? It was quite a scary leap of faith, but one worth taking because we all love a good secret right?

So in March 2014 at a secret city centre location in Manchester, after months of clandestine planning, an intrepid host of wedding suppliers and ticket holders gathered for what was the very first secret wedding fair, anywhere in the world! The rest is history as they say…

…and so ever since, as and when the mood is right, when the planets align and the venue is perfect, this secret happening of wedding loveliness takes place. Maybe see you there…

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